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Shipping Policy

  1. We will not accept any changes to the shipping method once the order has been confirmed

  2. Delivery is included for products worth $4000 or above (only in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, the airport, Park Island and outlying islands require additional delivery fees). *Delivery products do not include stairs, customers need to confirm that there is an elevator at the delivery location For delivery, the delivery site must be unobstructed, accessible and safe; if the delivery site has steps or there is no lift and additional handling is required, the relevant cost will be quoted according to the situation*. In addition, if the delivery location is not available in advance After declaring the above relevant conditions (*), the transportation and staff have the right to stop all delivery and installation processes, and collect freight ($1000).

  3. If it is necessary to use coolies to go upstairs or lift equipment over other objects, the company will recover the coolie fee ($1500-$2000).

  4. If the transportation environment does not allow it, the customer also requires forced delivery, and all damages (such as any damage/traces on the refrigerator door and product casing will not be returned) are the responsibility of the customer.

  5. If there is insufficient space inside and outside the elevator at the delivery location or along the way to the site without pre-arranged viewing, the transportation and installation colleagues have the right to refuse delivery and installation due to safety reasons.

  6. If customers need to collect old refrigerators, they need to inform in advance before delivery, and need to pay extra for arrangement. The required fee will be quoted according to the volume.

  7. Each single transaction can only be delivered once and installed on the same day; if the customer needs to separate the date for delivery or installation due to any problems, installation cannot be done due to site problems, or separate delivery, you need to pay an additional $600 as a surcharge + shipping fee.

  8. The delivery date or the need to change the delivery period must be notified at least 7 working days in advance for arrangement. (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not counted as working days) Otherwise, the transportation company will charge an additional fee of $600. If you need to modify the confirmed delivery time, please notify 3 days in advance. If you decide to change the delivery time on the day of delivery, we will The company will not make any arrangements. The goods will be shipped within the time limit from the confirmed delivery time, the overdue deposit will be voided, and even a storage fee of $100 per item per day will be charged.

  9. All man-made and accidental risks related to the goods after receipt shall be borne by the buyer.

  10. For each single transaction, the consignee must sign for the goods to complete the delivery.

  11. When the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted, or we judge that it is not safe to deliver, our delivery service will be suspended, and the delivery service may be postponed to the second days or make appointments with guests.

  12. In case of any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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